Лучший игрок в покерPoker
The best poker player: the most successful, lucky and rich ones
What are we talking about here? The best poker players are not gods of cards, not oil tycoons, not owners of factories and plants. These are regular folks
The best books to learn how to play pokerPoker
The best books to learn how to play poker
What are we talking about here? Poker books are a great help for those who want to learn how to play well. Experienced players may find the strategies
Выигрыш в покереPoker
Winning in poker: how to increase your chances
Winning in poker is the cherished goal of any player, be it a beginner or a professional. However, to achieve the goal, you need to choose the right tactics
Depositing in pokerPoker
Depositing in poker: how to deposit or withdraw funds
What are we talking about here? Deposit in poker is the amount of money a players puts into his account. You can use it to win money and then withdraw your winnings.
Hand history pokerPoker
Использование истории раздач для повышения вашего мастерства в покере
В online-покере каждая раздача карт может научить вас чему-то новому. Не только удача, но и умение анализировать прошлые игры помогают улучшить вашу стратегию и мастерство.
MTT miningPoker
MTT mining
Overview of MTTs and Their Significance in the World of Poker Multi-table tournaments (MTTs) are among the most exciting and dynamic types of poker competitions.
Mining pokerPoker
Mining poker
Definition of Poker Mining and Its Significance Poker mining is a technique for collecting and analyzing information about opponents’
Flop, turn, river in pokerPoker
Flop, turn, river in poker: what are those and what to do with it?
Flop, turn, river in poker What are we talking about here? The flop, turn and river are rounds in Texas Hold’em. Before those, we have a preflop stage
Poker BankrollPoker
Poker Bankroll: rules and management strategy
What is it? Poker bankroll is the amount of money a player allocates to the game and to it only. Withdrawing funds for household needs is a big mistake
Four of a kind in pokerPoker
Four of a kind in poker: types, probability and game strategy
What are we talking about here? Four of a kind in poker is one of the strongest combinations, which appears quite rarely. With four cards of same rank
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