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Updated 19.06.2024
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You cannot use third-party software while playing at GGPoker. However, the owners of the room offered a solution, you can use PokerCraft and Smart HUD. Those tools collect game statistics, which allows poker players to analyze hands played, work with ranges, improve their strategy, and so on. But, of course, it is not enough for a deep analysis. That is why  professional players should pay attention to GGPoker hand history mining, which will give you the whole picture of how your opponents play. In this article, we will go over some tools you can use to work with statistics in the GG network, and we will also let you know where to get hand history mining for the room. Let’s go!

Tool #1 – PokerCraft

PokerCraft is an automated tool that collects game statistics. It is saved in a special room database after the completion of each hand. Data is grouped into different categories. Users get access to those groups in the form of tables, graphs, diagrams, etc. 

All of the stats displayed do not take rake into account.

Room’s clients get access to PokerOK statistics for free. This is a significant benefit, since most trackers and statistics software are not free.

Where is it used and how does the tool work? 

PokerOK users do not need to set anything up to save hand histories. This feature is enabled by default. But to access the database, you need to follow several steps:

  1. Log in to the poker room application; 
  2. At the bottom of the lobby, click on the PokerCraft icon; 
  3. Wait until the service with statistics opens in the browser window.

It is recommended to perform all these steps from a computer. You should not use a smartphone – the site with the database is not optimized for mobile devices. Because of this, it’s much harder to work with stats and website’s features. The advantage of the service is its simple and understandable interface in Russian, which distinguishes it from similar sites and trackers. The user will be able to quickly figure out its features and functions and get the necessary data for analytical work. 

The interface of the site includes a timeline of events. It displays the most important achievements of the player over the past: the sizes of the largest pots, best finishes in MTT, jackpots, VIP program rewards.

On the left, there’s a menu where you can choose one of the following sections:

  • “Player Stats & Notes” – options to make notes and color tags;
  • “Staking Profile” – information on player’s activity in backing exchange;
  • “My Bet” – information on deals at final tables of MTTs;
  • “Ask Fedor” – an option to get some game advices;
  • “Completed Tournaments” – information on all the finished tournaments in the room.

In addition, there are 9 more tabs in the side menu where you can view statistics in various tournament and cash formats.

Tool #2 – SmartHUD

Room’s software supports session HUD. It shows you some data on your opponents during the game. It is available to all users. This puts them on an equal footing, when making decisions, everyone can rely on the same amount of information.

The SmartHUD option was added to the poker client in 2019. It has been refined and updated several times since.

During the game, the VPIP stats are displayed next to the player’s avatar. It may be engulfed in flames or covered in ice. In the first case, it shows that the player is on a hot streak and he has won big money recently, in the latter case, it means he is on a losing streak. 

If the user clicks on the VPIP number next to the player’s avatar, a popup window with following stats will come up:

  • Hands — number of hands played;
  • ATS is the percentage of hands with which a player makes active moves from late positions in an attempt to steal the blinds;
  • PFR – frequency of raises before the flop;
  • VPIP is the percentage of hands with which a player enters preflop;
  • 3Bet – 3-bet frequency.

If the player clicks on the VPIP icon in the popup window, he will get access to even more detailed information by street. Here are the numbers you can see:

  • CB and FCB – percentage of hands player puts a continuation bet and percentage of folds to a continuation bet;
  • CCB and RCB – the number of calls and raises of the continued bet;
  • WT and WSD – percentage of hands where player reaches the showdown and percentage of times he wins at showdown;
  • TAF is an indicator of a player’s aggressiveness.

What statistics does PokerCraft collect?

PokerCraft users get access to a wide database. It includes GGPoker statistics for all formats supported in the room, from classic cash to multi-table tournaments.

Cash games

There are four sections in cash game stats depending on the game type and stakes. Each of them contains blocks with the following information:

  • The best and worst hand;
  • Position where the player makes or loses the most money;
  • How much luck influences the user’s game results;
  • To assess this, the expected value is compared with the actual winnings of a player.

A panel for obtaining game statistics is displayed under the listed blocks. You can request your entire hand history on GGPoker or select a specific period and/or stakes to get acquainted with the performance of your cash game for a specific period of time.

If you select one or more sessions, the “Install” button will appear, which starts the download of hand history on click. This window will also display the following information:

GG hand historyList of hands played in the PokerOK room. You can sort it in different ways. If you click on the ID of one of the hands, a window will automatically open with a table and an additional block, which displays information on players’ bets on each street.
EV chartTotal winnings and some data based on expected value.
Hole cardsDetailed information on all starting hands of a player and total profit for each combo.
PositionsVPIP and total winnings for each position.
Rivals5 of the strongest and weakest opponents a player had faced at regular tables.


PokerCraft has a tab with tournament statistics. The main feed displays the following numbers:

  1. Total prize money;
  2. The size of the largest win;
  3. Average buy-in;
  4. ITM percentage;
  5. The size of the largest and smallest buy-ins.

Next, there’s a list of all the tournaments a player has played. They can be sorted by different parameters, and then the events of interest can be analyzed based on GGPoker hand history and stack change indicators.

Spin n’ Go

The Spin n’ Go tab displays GGPoker Spin n’ Go stats. The upper blocks display following info:

  1. Total winnings;
  2. The biggest win;
  3. Average loss rate;
  4. The largest multipliers;
  5. Personal achievements: win streaks, ranking, etc.

Next, there’s a list of all the spins played. The user can select only those in which he ended up in the money. It also supports sorting tournaments by buy-in size and date.

How to export hands to tracker

First, the user should download hand history from PokerCraft. To do this, you need to log in to the application and go to Stats. Next, select the game type you are interested in, select a session, click on the Game History window, then click on the “Download” button.

GGPoker hand history will be saved on your computer as an archive. The free WinRAR is suitable for unpacking it. Other points:

  • The history is saved in a text document in .txt format;
  • The username is automatically changed to Hero;
  • Opponents’ nicknames are encrypted, so they are displayed in the form of random combinations of letters and numbers. Therefore, it will not be possible to analyze the opponents’ play, nor will it be possible to create notes based on them.

Hand2Note Tracker

The developers of Hand2Note promised to improve the tracker so that it would recognize hand history from PokerO, but they have not done so yet. But we have developed our own converter that allows you to download mining to Hand2Note. We tell you more about where to get the converter and how to load your hands with it in our video.


Holdem Manager 3 software supports hand history from PokerOK. But it is important to update the tracker to the latest version to avoid errors. The algorithm is as follows:

  1. Launch the tracker;
  2. Select “File” in menu;
  3. Click on “Import File”;
  4. Specify the path to the file with hand history.

Where to get GG mining

PokerCraft and Smart HUD are all good, of course, but a professional player should also resort to more advanced help. Especially when you can get it in just a few steps. All you need to do is write to our manager on Skype or Telegram with a request to connect mining to GGPoker. After that, they will quickly help you organize your purchase. Perhaps this step will be an excellent investment in your further profit, because after the purchase you will have GG statistics on other opponents at your disposal. By using hand history from HisHands you will have a clear advantage for a successful game. Contact us!

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