Depositing in poker: how to deposit or withdraw funds

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Updated 21.05.2024
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Depositing in poker

What are we talking about here? Deposit in poker is the amount of money a players puts into his account. You can use it to win money and then withdraw your winnings.

How to top up? Even despite the restrictions, there are many ways to deposit money. Reputable poker rooms offer reliable and fast methods for depositing money. Choosing an option is not difficult.

What is a deposit in poker?

In poker terminology, a deposit is the procedure for crediting funds to a player’s account in a poker room. The reverse action is cashout (withdrawal of money).

Each player must deposit funds into his account, because without money the game makes no sense. When you deposit money, you top up your account’s balance and then you can put more, transfer funds to other players, receive winnings and withdraw funds.

You can deposit money in different ways and use different payment systems. New users should thoroughly go through the rules of the game and the conditions in a particular room before conducting transactions with real money.

Flop, turn, river in poker

Any poker game assumes bets with chips, which represent real money. Without a deposit, real play is impossible, because you need real money on your account to buy chips. At the same time, the latter acquire real financial value.

Real money in poker serves as a powerful incentive to play and win. Instead of cash, you can of course use some virtual chips. In this case, you can play without a deposit (“for fun”). However, when playing for chips with no real-money value, people don’t have the same motivation and don’t really develop poker skills. Real money incentive provides really interesting and beautiful games.

That is why poker professionals and ambitious players consider real money the best motivator for playing a serious game, where the skill of the player is highly valued.

Choosing a poker room for a deposit

It would be worth writing a separate article to cover this topic in detail. In short, users can choose a suitable platform from more than 50 options. Such a wide variety of rooms makes it difficult for a beginner to make a choice.

Let’s give some general recommendations on how to choose the right poker site:

  • Number of available games. As a rule, you can find low stakes games up to NL50 cash everywhere. In the evenings and weekends, number of players always higher. At the same time, you need to evaluate the popularity of a particular game. It is better to download the room’s client and monitor the activity. For lazy players there is Pokerscout available.
  • Security level. Poker is not very popular among scammers. However, you should always check the site before making a deposit. The same principles apply here as when choosing a Chinese product on AliExpress. First, go over reviews on the selected room, especially if it is not very popular.
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  • Events. The modern poker world is full of various types of promotions and competitions. Some events take place almost weekly, with an idea of attracting new players. In addition, there are free tickets to some tournaments and freerolls. Such events usually attract relatively weak players, which you can use to improve your own skill and to qualify to bigger tournaments.
  • Bonuses for replenishing your deposit. The best offers are usually for the first deposit and top ups. There are little to none bonuses in poker without a deposit to it. It is probably worth a risk trying to get those bonuses, but do not abuse it. For repeated registration, your account may be blocked, and especially malicious violators will face confiscation of funds. The bonuses often come in a form of SnG/Spin’n’Go or MTT tickets. In addition, most rooms will double your first deposit (up to a certain amount), but you have to play a lot to get access to it. The maximum possible first deposit bonus may reach $2,000. By taking it, player risks nothing.

Once the user has chosen a suitable platform and signed up, he needs to go through verification process. It is advisable to take care of this in advance so that there are no problems with withdrawing money. Moreover, in online poker, a deposit made by an anonymous person will immediately arouse suspicion from the security service. Such a player may be declared a cheater.

Poker deposit amount

After going through the verification process, you have to decide which amount to deposit. Among other things, poker player’s success is highly dependent on his bankroll management. Based on this, you need to assess a comfortable amount for yourself to deposit.

Most rooms allow you to top up your account with a minimum of $10. The minimum amount may vary.

Many beginners, when making a deposit, mentally say goodbye to this money. In fact, the player can withdraw previously deposited money at any time. In addition, no one forbids playing on several poker sites at once and distributing the bankroll among them. Moreover, you certainly don’t have to deposit all your money into the account.

To begin with, you should find a poker room with a minimum deposit of one dollar or less. However, remember that when you try to minimize risks, you also lose some profit.

How to make a deposit in poker

The standard procedure when visiting a classic poker club is known to almost everyone. The visitor enters the establishment, purchases the required number of chips at the cash desk, selects a suitable table, sits down and begins to play.

At the end of the game, the procedure is repeated in reverse order. The remaining chips in your hands are handed over to the cashier in exchange for cash. In an online room, everything is a little more complicated.

In the Russian Federation, Law 224 is in force, according to which banking organizations do not have the right to conduct financial transactions with gambling resources. Therefore, poker players have to use different payment systems. The best options are Skrill and Neteller. The advantages of these systems are the following:

  • Supports almost all gambling platforms that provide real money play;
  • Instant withdrawal of funds from poker rooms;
  • High level of anonymity and security;
  • Easy to use.

All major poker sites work with their own trusted intermediaries, ensuring that all the deposits and withdrawals reach their destination. Rubles, Euros, Dollars and some cryptocurrencies are supported almost everywhere. Room users most often transfer funds from credit/debit cards and electronic wallets. Cashing out options:

  • Transfer to a bank account;
  • Withdrawal of funds to MasterCard or VISA credit cards;
  • Replenishment of electronic wallets Neteller, ecoPayz, etc.
Покер на двоих
  • Choosing the best option depends on expected fees, transaction limits and legal restrictions. All payment platforms, as a rule, provide fast transfer. To get more information on a certain room’s deposit policy, you should visit the official website or the site’s Telegram channel.

Transfer from Neteller wallet

The amount of commission fees for transactions to a bank account depends on the client’s status and ranges from 0 to 10 dollars. Neteller currently works in 200 countries. It is possible to order a credit card linked to the wallet. Citizens of the Russian Federation can also order a credit card. To cash out, you need to follow these steps:

  • Login to your personal poker room account;
  • Select the desired option for cashout;
  • Select a personal bank account for the transfer;
  • Enter the amount to transfer, confirm the transaction.

Withdrawing funds to new personal details will require verification by the security service. It usually takes 3-4 days. In online poker, to withdraw any amount of money using a certain method, you need to deposit some money first using this same method. This way, the user confirms his real status.

Transfer from Skrill wallet

This payment system is very popular among poker players all over the world. Although, due to the introduction of legislative restrictions in the Russian Federation regarding gambling, Russian citizens may experience problems with transferring funds.

The Skrill was studied by different bloggers and no one has concluded that this system is totally safe. If, when withdrawing funds from a poker room to an electronic wallet, you do not point out that this transaction is related to “gambling”, the money may not arrive.

Therefore, some poker sites clearly regulate the need for such an indication.

For cashout, rooms most often offer two options:

  • Withdrawal of funds to MasterCard, Skrill Prepaid MasterCard and VISA cards;
  • Bank transfer using the specified details.

To withdraw a large amount, the player may be asked to undergo verification. If you refuse to do it, than you only have 3 months to use your account and you cannot transfer big amounts. An attempt to transfer large amounts may result in account ban.

Popular poker sites stand out from others with the following advantages:

  • The user does not have to indicate his real name to withdraw small amounts.
  • Financial transactions are carried out almost instantly.
  • Clients can receive privileged status that eliminates commission fees.
  • Platforms, as a rule, have their own mobile applications.
  • Deposits are available from credit/debit cards.

When filling out an application for withdrawal to a bank account, the user must correctly indicate the purpose of the payment. If you don’t do this, there may be tax problems. You can withdraw funds from the deposit via online banking or through the poker room’s mobile application. As a rule, to do this it is enough to do the following:

  • Select the “Transfer” or “Make Payment” tab in the menu.
  • Select currency and enter the amount.
Стратегия игры в покер
  • Enter the data required to make the payment (for example, full name of the owner).
  • Confirm the transaction.

The whole operation usually takes couple of minutes. If funds do not arrive for a long time, you need to contact the poker room’s technical support.

Precautions when making a deposit

Before you start playing, you need to pay attention to all kinds of commissions and fees on a specific site. This may ultimately affect the player’s income.

No major poker sites offer real money before you make the first deposit. In addition, certain restrictions apply almost everywhere, which we have summarized in a table for convenience:

Financial systems supported by gaming platformsDeposit methodsDeposit feeCashout methodsCashout fee

Credit/debit card or via mobile phone numberUp to 3%To credit/debit cards or bank account7% (for credit/debit cards) and 5,5 euros
NetellerCredit/debit card or via mobile phone numberUp to 3%Bank account10 US dollars
ecoPayzVia mobile phone number8-9%Bank account or YouMoney7-10 euros

When depositing via bank transaction, the user will be required to indicate the purpose of the payment, as well as the sources of funds. Since gambling is prohibited on the territory of the Russian Federation, a credit institution has the right to refuse to carry out a transaction. In addition, for Russian citizens there are no guarantees of receiving the money they win.

Poker Deposit FAQ

How to get the bonus for your first deposit?

The first deposit bonus available at any poker room is a classic offer for newcomers.

After registering and depositing a certain amount into the gaming account, the client usually receives an additional percentage of this amount.

Is it possible to withdraw the money you just deposited?

The user will still own the amount deposited into the game account. If desired, he can cash out this money any time. Thus, the player can choose other rooms without much difficulty, distributing small shares of the initial deposit among them and thereby minimizing the risks of completely losing all money.

How to deposit the correct amount?

As a rule, people deposit money either spontaneously or deliberately. In the first case, the player is in an emotional state, where he doesn’t really understand what he is doing, he just wants to play for money right now. This may be due to simple boredom or a relapse of gambling addiction.

Depositing in poker

A deliberate replenishment option implies the presence of rational thinking. A person determines in advance the optimal gaming platforms and methods for withdrawing winnings, and evaluates the inherent difficulties. Thus, we can distinguish two conditional groups of players: “gamblers” and “sensible people”.

Before taking part in a poker tournament for real money, you need to first study the features of a deposit in the selected poker room. This knowledge will protect the player from losing the entire bankroll. Subsequently, a person will learn to systematically make a profit and thus earn money.

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